Additive Manufacturing Training Modules

3DWIT offers Additive Manufacturing training programs suitable for all industry audiences, from absolute beginners all the way to experienced engineers, designers, production technicians and business professionals.

Custom AM Training

Our bespoke AM courses for your engineers, systems, materials, end uses process and procedures.

Training is always customisable to suit the needs of the client. The course is aimed at developing the awareness of the metal AM processes, the health and safety concerns as well as investigating the various characterisation methods used.

The course is aimed at developing the skills to get the most out of your FDM printer for use in the workplace. The course is directed towards engineering, maintenance and design departments who are looking to explore the possibilities of the FDM process.

This sample course is aimed at developing the skills to be capable of using Additive Manufacturing for high-temperature polymers.

This program focuses on a high-level overview of all things Additive Manufacturing with an aim to promote the potential benefits of the AM process for industrial applications.

Standard AM Training

Our standards modules cover all about 3D Printing suitable for absolute beginners to experienced engineers.

Health and Safety is arguably the most important first step on your journey into 3D print. We believe every user should have a clear understanding of the materials and processes including safe disposal of waste. This session also gives an insight into other common 3D print technologies, which provides a useful guide for future reference.

Learn to develop, implement and optimise designs to make the most from your investment. We cover a wind range of DfAM guidelines and provide guidance for your next AM project. We also look at the common causes of build failure and how you can navigate your design through this potentially complex landscape.

Learn to select materials and processes that meet your business and the needs of your parts or projects. Learn how to evaluate existing designs workflow and design parts that leverage the strengths of AM. We look at the strength and weakness of different materials and the process that uses them.

Once you have your parts or have developed your application, you’ll need to know how to test your process. We cover everything from tensile testing, surface analysis, sample prep and microscope through to powder flow and morphology. We also cover why you should develop your own materials spec’s, for use with your suppliers and internal inspection procedures.

We also offer...

Prototype Development and Design for AM

3DWITs expertise and equipment allow for prototype development for a range of applications and industry sectors with a focus on achieving the benefits that additive manufacturing can provide.

Upskilling your Existing Workforce

AM courses will enable your existing workforce to remain up to date with the rapidly advancing area of additive manufacturing.

Prototype Development

Developing Standards and Validation Methods

3DWIT aims to use its expertise to assist in the development of standards and validation methods for the additive manufacturing process on a national and international level.

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